AHR DOT Half Helmet. Lightweight and easy to use. Only provide the most basic protection in motorcycling.

Motorcycle Helmets

AHR RUN-G German Style Half Helmet

German-Style Motorcycle Helmet is fully DOT-approved and perfect for riders of all motorcycle types, from choppers and cruisers to scooters and beyond. Durable construction, plus advanced safety features make this...

Motorcycle Helmets

AHR RUN-C Classic Half Helmet Matte Black

DOT approved S M L XL Half Face Motorcycle Helmet Glossy Black is made of high quality lightweight ABS, with high density buffer layer and removable visor, ideal for chopper,...

Open Face Helmets

AHR RUN-O5 Open Face Helmet National Flag Style

AHR RUN-O5 Open Face Helmet Features: - Safety Guard with DOT - meets DOT requirement of safety standard; Hard ABS material used in shell is resistant to impact, breaking and...

Motorcycle Helmets

AHR RUN-O Open Face Helmet with Visor

3/4 Open Face Helmets DOT with size options, has an inherently vintage feel like pilot helmet in the 1950s, offers great ventilation and a wide field of visibility and matches...